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About Us

Infologic commenced trading in 1994, as a family business, and family values are at the core of everything we do. Whilst not every family value is pertinent to a small business, such principles as honesty, communication, responsibility and flexibility most definitely are and remain integral to the way we work, even today.

Infologic is a long-establish provider of IT support services, a Managed Service Provider, a Cloud Computing specialist and a small, family-owned business.

Everything we do is guided by five basic principles

  • Service to our clients above all else
  • Be accountable for our decisions, our actions and the results
  • Behave with honesty, integrity and respect
  • Fanatical attention to consistency and detail, and
  • Encourage individual initiative, hard work and continuous self-improvement.

It’s what sets us apart and enables us to constantly deliver outstanding IT support services for small business.

A strong family is built upon long-standing relationships and at Infologic we extend that principle to the relationships with our clients, our suppliers, in fact, everyone we work with. We communicate, educate and innovate; talking to our client, teaching them valuable skills and sharing our knowledge. We believe people are the key to a successful business – it’s people and relationships that matter most.

We engage with our clients, understand what it is they do and the challenges they face, and identify how technology, and Infologic as a company, can add value to that business. We are in it for the long haul and want to know that we are a good fit for our clients and that they are a good fit for us.

We work and collaborate with our clients to create solutions that work for them. We take ownership of a problem, a project or a task and remain accountable for it until it is complete or resolved. We focus on delivering measurable business benefits to our clients so they can see the value of working with us. We believe in transparency, openness, honesty and speak in plain English

We are constantly looking to improve the IT support services we offer; investing in our staff and state of the art technologies, working diligently to deliver real, tangible benefits, from technology to our clients.