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Expert Hertfordshire Based Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Without a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan, your data – and your business – could be at serious risk.


50% of SMB’s have no backup and disaster recovery plan in place


Of those that do have a plan:


  • Half implemented a plan following an outage or loss.
  • Half backup only 60% of their data.
  • Only 28% have actually tested their plan.


Strategic Considerations


  • Why don’t you have a backup and disaster recovery plan?
  • What elements of your IT systems are most critical?
  • What are your risks? Hardware failure? Theft? Malicious destruction? Power outage? Natural disaster? Human error?
  • How will you continue operating in the event of an outage, data loss or complete failure of your IT system?


How can Infologic help?

At Infologic, we understand that protecting your data and ensuring your business continuity in the event of a loss, failure or disaster is critical to you. Our range of state-of-the-art backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions can protect your business from downtime, bringing you the peace of mind you deserve.


Get the best you possibly can from your backup solutions

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