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Hertfordshire Business Cloud Storage Backup

Store, collaborate and share

53% of information workers use multiple devices to get things done

37% of employees work from multiple locations

65% of employees work with people outside of their company

Clearly, traditional methods for storing your business’s data does not support the new era of co-operation and collaboration. At Infologic our secure business cloud storage backup solution allows you and your colleagues to collaborate and share documents anywhere in the world, on any device. And the sharing and collaboration is not limited to your own staff. You can even invite people from outside of your Hertfordshire business; your customers and suppliers, to share these documents online.

Storing your data centrally means that your staff can collaborate on files in real time, taking less time to produce higher-quality results.

We are already used to our email being mobile and accessible so why not those cash flow forecasts from Accounts or the new presentation from Sales or the new designs from R&D? Your staff want to work faster and smarter across their favourite devices. They want to have business tools that work as hard as they do.

Business cloud storage backup can also form an important part of your business continuity plan too.

Business cloud storage backup does not mean a compromise on security. Built on enterprise-grade IT, your files are encrypted in transit and at rest, using the most advanced encryption methods and our Hertfordshire cloud storage solutions meet the most rigorous compliance standards.

Powerful admin tools allow you to control your business’s information. Audit logs allow you to track who is sharing what. Version control allows you to roll back at the click of a button. Remote wipe functionality allows you to delete data from a lost or stolen device.

Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits our Remote Data Storage Services can provide your business.

Get the best you possibly can from your cloud based storage solution

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