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Email Archiving & Security Solutions in Hertfordshire

Want to make your email safer with increased security?

To ensure that, if your server goes down, you can use emails via the web for email continuity?


To have an accurate record of all emails from or within your Hertfordshire business?

Are you required by Law to store emails?

And how much more productive would you be with bullet-proof email security solutions and availability?

Today, email is the core business communication channel. Email has evolved from a simple intra-office messaging tool to the communication backbone of businesses just like yours.


As reliance on email grows, so does the need to ensure its operation as a communication tool and to preserve the information it contains.


Excessive data loads, the constant pounding of spam and viruses, unplanned service interruptions, and ad-hoc needs to find pertinent information within the flood of content presents constant challenges for business owners and their staff.

How can Infologic help?


At Infologic we work with a number of companies who offer email messaging and archiving solutions but being vendor-independent, we can source and deploy the right solutions for your Hertfordshire business.

How does it work?


All incoming, outgoing and internal email is automatically routed through the solution provider’s gateway. Email and attachments are filtered for spam and viruses, which are eliminated, then indexed for later discovery and then encrypted for long-term retention and security.


Just like your email, your archive is accessible on any device, from anywhere in the world. Powerful search tools ensure fast and accurate recovery of your emails.


You get the peace of mind that you have come to expect from cloud-based solutions, with 99.99% uptime, your emails are safe, secure and always available.


UK-based datacentres also ensure that you stay compliant with legal and finance risk policies, governance and compliance like FCA regulations and UK data protection legislation.


Easy management single web-based administration portal, with role-based permissions, allowing administrators complete control.

Key features of hosted email messaging and archiving include:


  • Rapid search and access to retrieve archived email within seconds
  • Access to employee personal archives on any device, anywhere
  • Flexible policy-driven retention at the organisation, group or mailbox level
  • Comprehensive compliance, e-discovery and litigation support including legal hold, case management and data export
  • Complete archive access logging including searches and message views
  • Encrypted, secure storage in multiple geographically-dispersed UK data centres
  • Per employee pricing not based on email volume or the number of mailboxes delivering a cost-effective solution
  • State of the Art Security Filtering
  • Policy based spam, virus, content and attachment filtering
  • No hardware or software to install


Get the best you possibly can from your Email Messaging and Archiving solution

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