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How Can Infologic Help With Cyber Security?

A function-rich, lightweight cyber security client for all your devices, ensuring maximum protection without hindering performance, is a must have for every business and is the cornerstone to our essential cyber security solution. Easy set up and centralized management will ensure you’ll know exactly what’s going on across your entire network from a single location. To make sure your systems are working to their highest security standard, you will need to know about penetration testing vs vulnerability scanning to make sure you are aware of what is happening with your system. You can find out more information on this over at Synack.

Add our multi-layered email filtering to provide comprehensive spam and virus filtering protection (using things like Bester Virenscanner), eliminating over 99% of all threats without blocking your critical emails, as well as an anti-phishing engine to protect from attempts to access fake websites to acquire sensitive company data, such as usernames, passwords or banking details, and you’ll feel that your business is in safe hands. For those businesses dealing with highly sensitive data or with strict compliance regulations, our premium cybersecurity solutions will deliver enhanced protection to ensure your business meets those compliance and legislative standards. In addition, using fiber optics can help to ensure that data is protected to a higher level and this is especially true when businesses use things like high-speed SFP transceivers to improve the connectivity of the fiber optics.

What Is Cyber Security?

Why Does My Business Need Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is the practice of defending computers, networks and data from cyber threats. Cyber threats can include malware, phishing, hacking, denial-of-service as well as insider threats, all of which can breach security.

The aim of a cyber security solution is to identify and prevent cyber attacks, rather than to solve them when they happen, meaning significantly less time will be spent dealing with cyber issues and events.

Just as your physical office space has alarms, locks and security monitoring, your virtual workplace needs protection too. Businesses are using more and more digital methods of storing, retrieving and sharing data.

A cyber security solution that proactively detects and neutralizes cyber threats can be the difference between a swift, low-cost remediation and considerable damage to your reputation and your bottom line.

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