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Hertfordshire Based IP Video Surveillance Service

You’ve worked hard to build your business and it’s probably one of the most valuable assets that you own.

And yet each year small businesses are the target of intruders, vandals, arsonists and even theft from their own staff. Home security systems are becoming increasingly popular to enable crimes like a burglary taking place.

Insurance policies will cover the cost of physical loss or damage to assets but not the long-term cost a break-in or fire causes – for example, the possible loss of customers (whose orders get delayed) and the cost of staff attrition (staff morale and their sense of security always dips after a major break in).

As burglars become more sophisticated, so too does the technology to deter them. Businesses also rarely remain static; as they grow, they take on new people, new equipment and new stock.

Our IP video surveillance service offer a range of security options for small businesses in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas, just like yours. On the outside of the premises, it can act both as a deterrent and monitor potential intruder activity and vandalism. Within the building, it can track instances of theft (such as shoplifting, walk-in burglaries, major break-ins and staff thefts), vandalism and arson.

Choosing the IP video surveillance service that are right for you will depend on what you want to monitor (your office, warehouse, or grounds), what you need to film (high or standard resolution in black and white or colour), and how you want to connect your system (through a TV, monitor, or smart device).

By running your CCTV system over an IP-based network, you’ll be reducing cost, making connectivity simpler and making it easier for multiple camera systems to work together seamlessly. The advantages don’t stop there. There’s larger capacity storage, simple retrieval, export and onwards transmission, plus the ability to get up and running rapidly if you choose one of our wireless CCTV solutions.

Our range of IP video surveillance service provide rich, detailed footage with intelligent analytics, all on a common platform that can be transmitted quickly and cost effectively to multiple users whilst integrating with other services such as Access Control, Intruder Detection and Fire Detection Systems.

Take comfort in knowing that what our Hertfordshire based team care about is making sure your business is safe and secure. You may not be able to be on guard 24-hours a day, but thanks to our IP video surveillance solutions, you can protect your business.

Get the best you possibly can from your IP video surveillance service with our Hertfordshire based services

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