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Network Security Service Hertfordshire

Your IT network is in safe hands with our network security service based consultants

The Internet has grown to be one of the most important information and business conduits the world has ever seen. The internet has brought us amazing, new capabilities but it is a double-edged sword.

We have access to a wealth of resources but it is the perfect landscape for lawlessness, creating a serious threat to security. Protecting your business and your employees and ensuring your IT system is safe and secure is a critical subject that you should not ignore.
Internet security threats just keep on evolving and we are subjected to ever more aggressive and innovative forms of malware. Intrusion, hacking and electronic theft attempts against businesses of all types and sizes are increasing exponentially, and it has become an even greater challenge to protect your network, whilst allowing those with a legitimate reason to connect to do so securely.
Your employees are looking to you to provide more flexible working methods, but opening up your network to allow remote workers to share and collaborate on projects with business partners is also opening up to potential security attack by hackers.
Protecting your data by using our network security service systems is not just about keeping intruders out. Web content filtering will protect your staff and your business when online. We can provide network security service Hertfordshire based businesses can rely on.

How can Infologic help?

We understand that protecting your data and your underlying network infrastructure without hindering your staff from completing their work is important to you.
Our network security Hertfordshire team will study your processes, data, applications and users, identifying weak spots and vulnerabilities, before recommending a security plan that fits with your working practices.
We recommend, implement, manage and monitor appropriate hardware and software solutions to mitigate the risk of a security breach as part of our services.
Our services protect and support your network, safeguarding the perimeter, and then extend the reach of your security solution by applying the same stringent security policies to your communications and transaction with remote staff, satellite offices and business partners through email encryption, mobile security, two factor authentication and data encryption. By working with Infologic through improving network security, Hertfordshire businesses can find their data is much more secure.

Get the best you possibly can from your IT network security service

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