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Business IT Hardware Maintenance Solutions

Choosing new IT hardware maintenance for your business can be challenging, with so much choice and so many options available.

Selecting the right server, PC or network device for your business, without skimping on performance but keeping it within budget, can be taxing.

At Infologic we make it easier to buy the right IT hardware maintenance for your business and our vendor independence ensures our portfolio of products are chosen for their availability, compatibility, and quality.
The level of support required during the procurement process will vary greatly from customer to customer; but our Hertfordshire team aim to add value at every stage, to ensure maximum convenience. We discuss your needs, advise on the most appropriate solutions available, procure it on your behalf, and then configure and install it.
Whether you are looking to build a new IT network from scratch or add a few client PCs, our Hertfordshire IT engineers will help plan and deliver your new hardware with minimal interruption to your daily operations.
To further enhance the procurement process, we can offer a range of finance options and purchasing terms that can be tailored to suit your budget, reducing the burden of up-front investment. Just speak to a member of the team about the most appropriate solutions for you!

Hardware as a Service

Want to respond quickly to your changing business needs?
A new IT infrastructure for a business requires a large capital expenditure. No matter how urgent this might be, it is not always ideal to pay the cash up front. In additional to traditional procurement solutions we at Infologic also offer an IT hardware rental service known as Hardware as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service.
Hardware as a Service allows your business to be flexible about its hardware needs. With Hardware as a Service you can scale your infrastructure in line with seasonal demand, new business requirements, or testing and development needs.
Just like our traditional hardware purchasing solutions our Hertfordshire team will work with you to design an environment and solution that suit your business needs, from a single desktop PC to an entire network. Unlike a traditional purchasing solution, hardware is upgraded automatically so your system never becomes out-dated or obsolete, and management and maintenance can be included.

Benefits of Hardware as a Service include:

  • No capital outlay.
  • Leaves existing borrowing lines intact.
  • Automatic offsite replication to a secure data centre for reliable disaster recovery protection.
  • Helps cash flow forecasting.
  • Tax efficient.
  • Enterprise-grade hardware and infrastructure.
  • Upgrade options as you grow.

Get the best you possibly can from your IT hardware

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