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Hertfordshire Based Mobile Computing IT Services & Solutions

Mobile Computing Solutions Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Technology and the ability to harness its benefits is key to faster, seamless communications and enhanced productivity for your organisation and thus true competitive advantage.

High-Speed, secure networking has evolved beyond Local and Wide Area Networks with the Cloud and high-speed mobile computing devices like Smartphones and Tablets driving the need for access anytime, anywhere. So how can our Hertfordshire services help you and your business?

Connecting Mobile Users

Many employees have to travel frequently for their work, visit customers and suppliers on-site, collaborate on projects all over the world or simply want to finish a presentation at home. How can you supply them with information and integrate them into your business communications systems? It’s easier than it might sound. By allowing new employees to use their own devices, such as a mobile device, they can access this data and information on the go when they’re traveling. However, allowing new devices into a company can cause some security problems, but they can be easily managed with some mobile device management help. This ensures devices can be configured and secured when they’re being used to keep your business data secure and safe from hackers.

Our Hertfordshire team of experts can help you choose the right IT computing services and solutions to enable your Mobile employees to be quickly incorporated into the company network without being a security risk, providing secure access via any internet connection, including public hotspots.

Home Office or Branch Office?

A working world without flexibility is unimaginable. Juggling the work-life balance, the responsibility of sales regions, working as sales reps for overseas companies are some of the scenarios that force companies to rethink their operations. Not only do remote sites require connectivity, but employees working from home also need seamless integration into the network. That’s where our IT services can help!

Whether for voice or data streamlined communications between offices is essential we at Infologic have a range of IT solutions and services to seamlessly integrate home and branch offices into the company network. Mobile and teleworkers work with the same information and convenience as their colleagues and combined with a VoIP solution employees can take their extension wherever they go.

Local or Remote? Wi-Fi or Cellular?

Your ability to remain continually connected is now a reality whether spending time at home, travelling for business, or on your holidays. You and others in your organisation can increase productivity simply by enabling this type of accessibility. We can talk you through the many possibilities and help you to choose the perfect IT solutions that will maximise your staff’s productivity and keep you and your colleagues and customers connected.

Speed and Security

With the advent of global connectivity comes the need for speed, along with hardened security requirements. Our Hertfordshire IT solutions are designed to guarantee your ability to service your remote users’ requests for data quickly and securely, preventing unauthorised intrusion attempts utilising Intrusion Detection, Virtual Private Networking, and Advanced Firewalling techniques. Please contact one of our team who can cut through the jargon and explain this technology and the implications it will have on your business.

Smartphones and Tablets are fuelling Mobile Computing

For the ultimate answer in staying connected, Smartphones, Tablets and Ultrabook are the way to go. Smartphones and Cellular and WiFi-enabled Tablets are now commonplace in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) arena with numerous models, each allowing you to run your critical business functions like Email and Calendaring and business applications anywhere, anytime. Most people have some form of mobile computing especially Smartphones, this has made it a lot easier for businesses to communicate with their customers, one quick and easy way to do this is to use a group text messaging service, it’s ideal as it allows you to send an SMS to multiple customers in an instant.

Get the best you possibly can from your Mobile Computing solution

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