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Business VoIP Telephone Systems

Business VoIP Telephone Systems


Business VoIP telephone systems are suitable for all sizes of business from a single user upwards. It is a highly scalable solution that eliminates many of the physical components of traditional telephone systems, as well as your reliance on telecoms providers.


Switch from traditional telephone lines to SIP trunks or Hosted PBX services, and you can enjoy number flexibility, business continuity and scalability, combined with cost savings of up to 80% compared with ISDN30e. 

If your business is moving premises or opening a new office, looking to reduce costs or are worried about disaster recovery, you need to speak to our Hertfordshire team of experts about Business VoIP telephone systems. More than 90% of the main office telephone line installations we make are now based on SIP services – and we’ve been using VoIP systems in our own offices for over three years already.

Over 80% of ISDN lines will have moved to SIP or VoIP systems by 2019, and with BT Group aiming to move all ISDN customers to IP by 2025, it’s time for you to plan your move.


How can Infologic help?


We can help you save money by reducing your dependence on traditional fixed telephone lines – saving you money whilst delivering greater flexibility, business continuity and scalability. 

With Infologic’s expertise, you can be assured that your telephone requirements are in safe hands. We focus on making sure the process is as smooth as possible, resulting in a quick VoIP systems solution with minimal disruption so you can get on with the important stuff.


We make life easy for you!


Our Hertfordshire based team will cut through all the technical jargon and complexity to help find the best solution for you from the many options available.


The Benefits of Using Business VoIP telephone systems


  • Save more than 50% on rental and set up costs compared to ISDN30e.
  • • Save on monthly call costs using SIP trunks, VoIP systems providers or Skype Connect!
  • Slash mobile phone bills using the free smartphone app.
  • Connect remote offices with bridges and eliminate interoffice call charges
  • Easily scale up or down as your business demands.
  • No need for separate phone wiring – phones use IT network, easy hot desking!
  • Deliver mobility by allowing employees to work from home using a remote extension.
  • Choose between popular IP hardware phones or softphones – no vendor lock in.
  • Greater geographical flexibility – moving offices is easy, as is expansion and mobility.
  • Keep your existing phone number when you move.
  • Add new phone numbers from any UK dialling code – regardless of your physical location.

We will work and collaborate with your business to create a SIP and VoIP systems solution that will work best for you, working closely with your team to ensure your entire business is supported by our VoIP systems specialists’ expertise.

An excellent phone system for your business can be a key component in your success. Installing VoIP systems for your business is an excellent way to help ensure your new location or your improvements go smoothly. 

Get the best you possibly can from your communications

Call us now on 0300 400 4000 to see how our how hosted SIP and Business VoIP systems can work for you and your Hertfordshire business.